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At Lege Engineering we focus on quality, and the correct execution of the job, enabling us to achieve a real medium-term impact on cost and time-saving.

We have been performing every kind of topographical service on three different Countries for over 18+ years, helping our clients envision their project’s goals, specifications, restrictions and, technical requirements while guaranteeing a successful, professional, and profitable project within current regulations.

We have the capacity to work on the most adverse land conditions, using when necessary, professionals and specialists in topography, geodesy, drones or thermography.

Overview :

Topography services are indispensable fat Lege engineering, it involves in various types of projects, providing essential data and insights that inform decision-making, design, and construction processes, ultimately contributing to the successful completion of  our projects while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. Topographic surveys provide valuable information that is crucial for various engineering and construction projects.

Key aspects :
Why choose lege Engineering as your topography provider?

At Lege Engineering we have all the technical and professional means to perform every kind of topographical survey, from the outset to the development of any construction product.

Our highly qualified professionals and ultimate technology equipment such as remote laser methodology, and terrestrial or aerial photogrammetry are prepared to measure even the most challenging environments.

We have faced extreme conditions, deserts, mountains,  you can be assured there is no insurmountable obstacle when you have a reliable and specialized topographical provider with close to two decades of experience behind you.

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